The Original Cureton Method
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Jeanie Eller

America's Reading Teacher

About Jeanie Eller:

Jeanie Eller, M.A. - America's Reading Teacher

Jeanie Nationally known Educator and Literacy Consultant, Jeanie Eller provides the solution to America's illiteracy problem with the Action Reading program. The National Reading Reform Foundation has recognized Jeanie Eller for having one of the best methods available for teaching people to read.

Jeanie, who holds a Master's Degree in Education, has been developing her successful method of teaching people to read since 1964. She has taught kindergarten through graduate-level university classes. Her teaching career has included traditional school facilities, diverse locations like the untamed Alaskan wilderness, a one room school house in Blackwater, Arizona and accredited universities. Currently, she works as a literacy consultant, training parents and teachers all around the world.

She has been a featured guest with appearances on the G. Gordon Liddy, Mary Matalin, Ollie North, Jim Bohanon and numerous talk radio shows. The successful Action Reading program was spotlighted when Jeanie taught illiterate adults to read in two weeks for the Oprah television show.

The path to reversing the reading deficiencies of this country has found Jeanie Eller victorious in confrontations with legislative bodies and textbook vendors. She is serious about the future of our children and our society. Jeanie helped draft current legislation to recommend the use of phonics in the Arizona School System. She also contributed to literacy legislation advancements in Alabama, Alaska, Nevada and Oregon. Recently, Jeanie Eller was asked to provide information used for the new Federal Reading Excellence Act.

Her successful programs have been implemented and have reversed poor scholastic standards in thousands of homes and schools.

Currently, her educational methods are resulting in profound success in over 300 classrooms of the Montgomery, Alabama school system. The unique Montgomery program was authorized by a school system without funding, it was funded with grants from local businesses and it has evolved beyond the typical classroom to include mobile classes in urban areas where children need a little extra help. Jeanie Eller is affecting positive change in our society.

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