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The ACTION READING school classroom program is the first to demonstrate that reading is a skill which can be taught in one year or less. It is the forerunner program that reintroduced systematic phonics teaching to reading instruction.

"Anyone can learn to read-anyone."
Dr. George O. Cureton,
Originator of the ACTION READING method

Action Reading Teachers GuideACTION READING provides the reading results educational systems need in order to meet the new mandatory reading skills now required by many states.

ACTION READING classroom teaching programs are used in public, private and charter schools across the country with overwhelming results. They have also been utilized to achieve phenomenal successes in At Risk Youth programs and to teach the skill of reading to students labeled with learning disabilities such as Dyslexia, ADD, LD and slow learners.

Action School Kit
Make your school an example of the success, high standards and self-esteem students need! Your school can achieve outstanding literacy results if your teachers understand how the system of reading and writing works and make a commitment that children
CAN Learn to Read

Students learn to READ...with ACTION READING
and then they can READ to LEARN !

Keep the enthusiasm for learning alive - Teach the children to read !

How ACTION READING Teaches the Skill of Reading

ACTION READING is a phonics instruction program that teaches reading for accuracy, meaning and comprehension. This exciting program is full of fun, songs, art and drama. Use of this program creates a stimulating classroom excitement that is as much fun for the teacher as it is for the students.


ACTION READING teaches the forty-four (44) sounds and the seventy (70) phonograms of the English language in a logical sequence that builds the child's self-confidence. Every student masters each step and builds on that knowledge to understand the next steps of our alphabetic system of reading, writing and spelling.

There are no such things as READING LEVELS. You can either read or you can't. Memorizing 400 words is called First Grade Level. 3,000 words for Sixth Grade Level. A child who learns the 70 phonemes can read 156,000 words! ... and that can be taught in one school year or less to all normal children at all grade levels.

ACTION READING follows the seven steps supported by the $200 million in research from The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

  1. First, directly teach phonemic awareness.
  2. Teach each sound-spelling correspondence explicitly.
  3. Teach frequent, highly regular sound-spelling relationships systematically.
  4. Teach students directly how to sound out words.
  5. Teach students sound spelling, decodable text.
  6. Teach reading comprehension using interesting teacher read stories.
  7. Teach decoding and comprehension skills separately until reading becomes fluent.

The ACTION READING method incorporates the following:

AUDITORY SKILLS are strengthened so students learn sounds that go together to make words.

VISUAL SKILLS are developed and the symbols (letters) that represent the sounds are added.

KINESTHETIC SKILLS are stressed so students learn all 70 phonemes by art, music, games, dance, whole body activities, action and competition.

WORDS, SENTENCES, STORIES (not pictures) are read by students.

NO SIGHT WORDS are taught, as English is 97.4% phonetic. When you learn the 70 phonemes, you can read anything in English.

LOGICAL, LINGUISTIC PRESENTATION OF 70 PHONEMES (i.e. worksheets will not have "r" controlled vowels until that skill has been taught).

COMPREHENSION is crucial. We read for meaning from the first word. Children come to school speaking 5,000 to 10,000 words and they understand up to 20,000 words.

LITERATURE Decodable text is used in the beginning of the program. When students learn all 70 phonemes they will be able to read anything: authentic literature, subject matter books and newspapers.


CONSTANT REVIEW is conducted every day from the beginning. No one gets left behind to graduate 12 years later as a functional illiterate.

READING, WRITING, SPELLING, GRAMMAR are all taught together.

K-3 YOU ONLY TEACH A CHILD TO READ ONCE... You start in Kindergarten, teach them to read in First Grade, review in Second Grade, and if needed, review in Third Grade. The teaching of reading is now complete. They will have become independent readers.

The President of the United States has challenged America's teachers with the goal of teaching all children to read by the third grade. Now, there is sufficient guidance available from research about how children best learn to read and how successful reading programs work to ensure that virtually every child will learn to read well. ACTION READING is in support of this goal and the ACTION READING method long ago began using the disciplines now suggested by that new research.

ACTION READING is a cost efficient ONE-Time PURCHASE
Everything is totally reusable year after year.

Price $2,000.00

Each ACTION READING Classroom Kit contains:

Teacher's Step by Step Guide (422 pages)
Worksheet Instructions and Answer Book
Plastic Alphamobile Set (w/rope & hooks)
Black Line Phonogram Wall Cards
Small Teacher Cards
Set of 17 Wall Charts (2 color)
Sample Game Masters
FUNdamentals Audio-Video Tutorial System
Spell Power Audio Tutorial System
Dr. George Cureton-In-Service Video Set (2)
Set of Color Me Storybook Masters (3)

Action Reading Results

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