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According to research, any child who has completed the 2nd grade should be a fluent and comprehensive reader. Children should learn to read at an early age so they may spend the rest of their school years reading to learn other school subjects.

Most parents assume their children are learning to read in school. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of school students are not being properly taught to read. Many are not taught comprehension, so they do not fully understand what they have read. They are not taught the phonetic code to enable them to read without hesitation.

Find out if your child can really read with this simple test:

Pick out a story in a newspaper or magazine that will be of interest to your child. Ask your child to read the story to you and then ask questions about what has been read.

A child who has completed the second grade should be able to read a newspaper article without hesitation and should be able to answer questions about the content of the article.

A child who has completed 2nd grade and can not read with fluency and understanding has not been taught to read properly.

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Don't delay! The quality of your child's entire life will be affected by the ability to read and understand the English language.

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